1. Tournament and Lanes will be certified by the USBC. 
2. United States Bowling Congress (USBC) rules and regulations will govern the tournament. 
3. The Tournament will have 4 events, Singles, Doubles, Team and optional All events 
4. All Participants must be members of the USBC 
5. The entry fee for bowlers per event is $26.00. Bowlers wishing to participate in the All Events must pay $5.00 additional. All fees must be paid with the entry form. No refunds will be made after schedule is accepted USBC Rule 314 (No Fees Returned)
6. Entry form must be filled out complete. Bowlers ID Number must be included on entry. Team (4 bowlers) and Doubles line-up must appear on the entry form in the proper order of bowling. No lineup changes will be made after entry is received (USBC Rule 324a). 
7. Team Captains only may request changes in their team’s schedule. Double & Singles changes must be made with the consent of both contestants. The Tournament Director shall have the power to make any changes in the schedules, both as to lanes and times. Only bowlers competing on the squad and Tournament Officials are allowed in the playing area. Original score sheet is official and any obvious errors will be corrected by the Tournament Director (USBC Rule 327b). The prize list and standings will be held subject to change until 48 hours after the last squad of the tournament has bowled. Any appeal from the Tournament Manager’s decision or changes must be made to Tournament Officials in person with all data. All prizes will be distributed within 30 days after the end of the tournament (USBC Rule 308). 
8. Any protest affecting eligibility and general playing rules must be confirmed in writing to the tournament manager before tournament prizes are paid (USBC Rule 329). A provisional ball is to be used in a situation where a foul or legality of pin fall cannot be immediately resolved. 
9. If equipment failure on a pair of lanes would delay the progress of the series, tournament officials can authorize the completion of a game and series on another pair of certified lanes. The interrupted game and series must be resumed from the point of interruption (USBC Rule 321). 
10. Bowlers may bowl more than once, The first Singles and Doubles score bowled by an individual will count toward All Events total (USBC Rule 315) Bowlers must bowl both Singles and Doubles. Bowlers may bowl more than once in team event with no more than three bowlers from the same team competing. The first team score bowled by an individual will count toward All Events total (USBC Rule 315). All Events include Team, Singles and Doubles scores with handicap. Singles will be bowled first and doubles will be bowled on the same pair when bowling both events on the same squad. When bowling singles on one squad and doubles on a different squad, the tournament director will make lane assignments. 
11. NO ABSENTEE SCORE, NO PACERS. Tardy bowlers will start in the frame being bowled with zero being given for each frame missed. Tournament Mangers time to be official. 
12. All bowlers must check in at least 30 minutes before squad time. Team Captain checks in team. Singles and Doubles partners check in together. All entrants must have USBC membership card 
13. No practice on your scheduled lanes just prior to squad time. You will be allowed 10 minutes practice on your starting lanes prior to tournament play. There will be no practice between singles and doubles. 
14. All champions will be awarded plaques on the handicap total for each event. In case of a First Place Tie in any event, they will be declared Co-Champions with first and second place money divided equally. Duplicate plaques will be awarded. In case of a tie in any other place, the prize money will be split equally. 
15. Any bowler who willfully delays the normal progress of the game, or any bowler whose conduct on the lanes is considered objectionable, shall be removed immediately from the lanes and tournament, regardless whether a qualified substitute is available or not. 
16. A Parental Consent Form, signed by a parent or guardian, permitted an unmarried grade or high school student who have not attained the age of eighteen (18) to bowl in USBC competition must be furnished to the tournament manager before bowling. 
17. Notice of schedule will be sent to the Team Captain, and they will be responsible for informing their bowlers of the date and time for bowling. Bowlers in Singles and Doubles only will be notified of their schedule. 
18. ENTERING AVERAGE RULE (USBC Rule 319) – All entrants will be handicapped by 85% of the difference between their highest certified league average and 230 for Singles, 460 for Doubles and 920 for Team. Use highest average with 21 or more games from last winter season. Summer average with 21 or more games will be used if no last years winter average. If no average last winter or summer, use highest average 21 or more games at closing date of entry with League Secretary Certification. All others must bowl scratch. USBC Rule 319a, c does apply. (Current average 10 pins or higher than prior season’s average). Verification of average, by the tournament director prior to payment of prizes. Bowlers are responsible for verifying their own average, whether submitted by the bowler, the team captain, or others. If the submitted average is lower than required and results in more handicap, the bowler’s score is disqualified. If the submitted average is higher than required, prize winnings will be based on the submitted average. In the case of a team of two or more bowlers, the averages will be combined to determine if the correct total is higher or lower than the submitted total. Average corrections can be made up to the end of the first game of a series. (USBC Rule 319e) A bowler shall adjust their entering average and submit the adjusted average to the tournament manager if, during the 12 month period immediately preceding the date and time of bowling the bowler’s accumulated average for all, but not less than 21 tournament games exceeds the average to be used for entry by 10 or more pins. In that case, the number of pins to be added to the entering average is 85% of the difference between the entering average and the accumulated tournament average. Failure to use the adjusted average in accordance with the foregoing is cause for forfeiture of entry fees and prize winnings, and the bowler is subject to suspension of membership in USBC. 
19. PRIZE WINNINGS (USBC Rule 319d) – Bowlers need not report this information. 20. USBC Rule (304a,2) will apply. The team captain shall pay each member of the team within 30 days after receiving prize money in accordance with verbal or written agreements. 
21. Reserved Entry closing date will be January 09, 2022 Entries received after the reserved date will be referred to as late entries and will be paid in cash or by money order with a $5.00 additional expense fee per entry added. These late entries will be accepted up to January 24, 2022 at the St. County USBC Office, and subject to lane availability determined by the tournament director. Late entries must be verified by phone by the Tournament Director 
22. The entrants whose names appear hereon or their authorized replacements hereby agree that the St. Charles County USBC Association, its officers and agents shall be liable only to the extent of returning entry fees if and when these entrants shall be prevented from bowling any event in this tournament through delay, unexpected yet necessary schedule change, or premature termination of the tournament, which may be brought about by war, national emergencies or causes relating thereto or resulting therefore, fires, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties or other causes beyond the control of the St. Charles County USBC Association. Premature termination of the tournament caused by any of the above reasons shall cause the prize schedule to be prorated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled in each of the respective events up to the time of termination