Beginning JANUARY 18 at 10:00, we will have a 12-week youth league. 
Ages 5-18 are welcome!  

We have 2 options available:
1.  $12/week/bowler for 3 games WITHOUT bumpers 

2.  $8/week/bowler for 2 games WITH bumpers (this is for the younger bowlers)

CALL 636-272-4393 to get your child(ren) signed up!

FEBRUARY 9, 2020!!


8:30 AM 
(Drawing for teams begins at 9:00)

There will be A, B, & C bowlers that compete with each other on the same "team".

The "A" bowler will draw from a pile of both "B" bowlers and "C" bowlers to make up their team. "A" bowler begins each game by throwing the first ball.

If "A" bowler rolls a strike, then "B" bowler begins the 2nd frame. If "A" bowler rolls anything less than a strike, the "B" bowler will pick up the "A" bowler's spare and then "C" bowler would begin the 2nd frame.

The rotation continues on like this for the rest of the game. "A" bowler ALWAYS begins each game.

Six games total will be bowled in the tournament.

FEBRUARY 15 & 16
FEBRUARY 22 & 23

Grab an Entry form from your local bowling center to get your group entered!